Final Stamps


These are the final stamp designs. They have been spray painted and put into the format of typical commemorative stamps. These will be compiled together …

Stamp Designs

Bull Dog

These are some of the designs I created for my stamps creating awareness about patriotism. I plan to make stencils out of these and spray …

Finished Book


Book Project: Hoarding

2 0

These are the pages of my book about hoarding. I wanted there to be a mix of styles throughout the book, but mainly for it …

Book Project- Woksheets


Protest- Final Posters

Say no to war 1

Think- Protest Work Sheets


Final Illustrations

finially finished

These are the final illustrations. I slightly edited the images I had generated. I also scanned in the text I had created to form the …

Illustration Development

illu 2

This is the development work for a double page illustration about the going ons of a street after a big storm. In these I portrayed …

Illustration and Mono-printing

book pages

Type Project 3D


The First image is the development sheet this is where I explored layout, font and colour. I decided to use liquid eyeliner to write the …

Type Project 2D

Final Piece

At the top is the final piece for this part of the project. I tried to convey the drunken feeling to the audience using the …